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Select the AnyDesk version that fits your computer, either Mac or Windows:



Guide for MAC OS users

Open AnyDesk_MAC.dmg program via Downloads.

Double-click on the red AnyDesk icon.

Press OK (1) in the warning box.

Select the Apple (2) in the top menu and open System Preferences (3).

Select Security & anonymity (4).

Select the tab General (5)

Select the padlock (6) and enter your MAC admin password.

Click Open anyway (7)

Select Open (8)

Select Configure (9)

Select Open System Preferences (10)

Select the tab Anonymity (11)

Select Availability (12)

Check AnyDesk (13)

Select Screen Recording (14)

Check AnyDesk (15)

Select End now (16) in the warning box.

Double-click on the red AnyDesk icon again (17)

Inform our hotline about your AnyDesk address (18)

Shortly after, choose Accept (19)

When remote control is over, click Finish (20)

Right-click on AnyDesk in the Dock (21)

Select Finish (22)

Now the program is completed.