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Microsoft 365 mail on iPhone via Outlook app

How do I setup my Microsoft 365 mailaccount in the Outlook app on my iPhone?


Do you wish to use iPhones integrated app in stead, when please follow this guide: Microsoft 365 mail on iPhone  

Microsoft 365 email is Microsoft's email solution delivered directly from Microsoft's own cloud.

Download the app Microsoft Outlook (1) from App Store.

Open Microsoft Outlook app. Enter your email address (2) and click Add account (3).

Enter your password (4) and click Sign in (5).

If your company uses 2 factor protection

You will now receive a SMS code. Enter the code (I) and click Confirm (II).

Choose whether to add another Office 365 account. If not, click Maybe later (6).

Outlook now launches a presentation guide you can choose to follow (7) or skip (8).

Choose whether to enable notifications from the app (9).

Your mail is now configured.


If you want to see your contacts in the integrated contact app on your iPhone, when please do the following:

Open the menu in the upper left corner

Press Settings at the lower left corner

Choose your mailaccount

Turn on Save contacts (4)

Press Save on my iPhone

Notice: you cannot edit or add contacts via the integreted iPhone contact app. You have to do so via the Outlook App.

Updated on 22. June 2021

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  1. Fik fint min alm mail ind – men jeg skulle have de andre pshr-pustkasser ind også og det kunne jeg ikke uden password – så hvad gør jeg så ? for det var jo det som opgaven handlede om. Mvh Michael weibel – 40105809

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