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Calendar sharing

How do I share my calendar with a colleague?

Open Outlook (1).

Go to Calendar (2). Right click on your calendar (3) and choose Properties (4).

Select the tab Permissions tab (5) and click Add... (6).

Select the user with whom you want to share your calendar (7). Press Add (8) and then OK (9).

Select what permission level the selected user should have for your calendar (10).

If the user needs to be able to look in your calendar, you can select the predefined Reviewer (11).

If the user needs to be able to create, edit and delete from your calendar, you can choose the predefined Publishing editor (12).

It's also possible to manually edit the permission level by adding / removing the various settings.

Press OK (13) when you have added the preferred permission level.

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Updated on 10. September 2019

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